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Smoking – what all healthcare professionals need to know by Dr. Graham F. Cope

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Urine SmokeScreen

Urine SmokeScreen  Kit


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Pregnant Woman

The urine SmokeScreen test is the ideal test to determine and monitor smoking habit in clinical environments, where urine testing is routine and the optimum measure of nicotine intake over a period of days is required.

Details from info@gfcdiagnostics.com

The test has been used to identify women who smoke in pregnancy as part of smoking cessation initiatives (Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 2003) (Addiction 2005) and assessments of the effects of smoking during pregnancy (Nicotine Tobacco Res 2001).

SmokeScreen Urine

1. SmokeScreen Urine test kit:     GFC 001

2. SmokeScreen Analyser:           GFC 002

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