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New book

Smoking – what all healthcare professionals need to know by Dr. Graham F. Cope

Available from www.mkupdate.co.uk


SmokeScreen has been used successfully in a number of randomised controlled trials. A number have been carried out into smoking during pregnancy (Nic Tob Res 2001; Ann Clin Biochem 2003 )

Some into cardiovascular disease and others into respiratory diseases, plastic surgery ( J Plastic Reconstr Aesth Surg 2006) and oral disease (British Medical Journal 2005).

The study into smoking in pregnancy found self-reported smoking habit reported to the midwives was incorrect, with denial amounting to 10.3%, with a further 38.4% significantly under-reported their cigarette consumption.

The feedback from the test more than doubled the smoking cessation rate in pregnant women.

Recently a trial of the tests used by midwives operating in the community produced promising results (ECToH 2007).


We have developed a point-of-care test for cotinine and the other nicotine breakdown products called SmokeScreen.

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